Mirror Budget as Streaming Budget Votes

2 min readMar 18, 2022

From Mirror Budget to Weak Anarchism (3)

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“The Penitent Magdalen” Artist: Georges de La Tour (French, Vic-sur-Seille 1593–1653 Lunéville)
“The Penitent Magdalen” Artist: Georges de La Tour (French, Vic-sur-Seille 1593–1653 Lunéville)

For example, the aggregation system we at VECTION have been talking about is the idea of the “ Mirror Budget”.

The name “Mirror Budget” is derived from the concept of “Mirror World.”

“Mirror World” is like an expanded version of “Pokémon Go.” The idea is to create a “mirror world” of all the objects that exist in the real world and share it with everyone to make them useful in various ways.

On the other hand, the “Mirror Budget” is a “national budget” version of the above. In the Mirror Budget system, each citizen receives 100 trillion yen worth of cryptocurrency dedicated to the Mirror Budget instead of the right to vote in sporadic events (such as elections).

In Japan, for example, there are 120 million people’s cryptocurrency wallets from the onset, and each citizen’s digital wallet contains “about 100 trillion yen” worth of cryptocurrency. Let us call this a “Mirror Budget.”

Then, each individual decides freely what kind of government project to fund with that Mirror Budget. The blockchain automatically aggregates these values and continuously determines the “government budget” at a given time. The point is that no one has the authority to decide the budget, and no one has to intervene.

Of course, the Mirror Budget is not the same as the actual budget allocation since it is a “mirror.” However, if it keeps improving and everyone actively implements “my own strongest budget allocation,” we will be able to reach a level of detail (whether it is ideal or not is another matter) that can one day be converted into a realistic budget allocation.

In many cases, voters’ decision-making through their elected representatives is ultimately in the form of “How much money will be spent on which project? “ If so, the election is, after all, a “special budget creation (by the people)” using the “interface of electing legislators.”

In that sense, the Mirror Budget is like a “streaming budget vote” with upgraded “ballots” or “ legislators and Congress.”

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