Neck Ring (Torque), 600 B.C., Scandinavian

Government, the World, the People and Channel Orientation (Forward and Reverse)

Fixing Vulnerabilities in the Tripartite Separation of Powers (Part V, 1/2)

1. Three-Layer Cycle Structure

The three-layer circle structure as a division of power is achieved when the arrows representing the direction of the control channels keep one direction for the entire cycle.

2. Direction of the Cycles: Normal ( Forward Direction )

Forward Cycle Direction

Statistical Decision making

Elections, Public opinion polls, Pressure from demand and market conditions

Resource Constraints

  • (Environment) Climate change, resource depletion, Pollution emissions, Suffering from natural disasters
  • (International) The decline in living quality due to changing business conditions, Deteriorating economic conditions

Improving Boundary Conditions

  • (International) Diplomacy, Military intervention, Economic sanctions, Colonization
  • (Environment) Flood control, Development



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