Two Beasts and a Human Mask within a Circle / 1727 / Gaetano Piccini

Interlayer Control and Arrow Direction

Fixing Vulnerabilities in the Tripartite Separation of Powers (Part III, 2/2)

2. three-layer cycle and control between layers, emergency reversal

Let’s consider the inter-layer control direction and hierarchical structure in a three-layer cycle. We will explain with the example below. Since democracy is the people’s sovereignty, the government is (or should be) controlled by the people.

Substantial two-layer structure
Introduced a new term = “world” and expanded the 2-layer (a-cycle) to a 3-layer cycle
Expansion of each layer. The “world” is actors other than the government and people, such as nature and the international community.
Reversal of arrow direction in exceptional cases
Two-layered structure for emergencies and exceptions.
(left: “government” →“people, world”), (right: “government, people” →“world”)



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