Marble Statue Group of the Three Graces, 2nd century A.D.


Fixing Vulnerabilities in the Tripartite Separation of Powers (Part VI)

The division of power is a two-layered structure consisting of “the people” and “the government. We proposed that the division of power should be considered in three layers, adding “the world” to it. “ The division of power can be expressed in a way that there is no king, no outside, and no meta of meta, by forming a three-layer cycle.

The three-layer cycle works when the directions of the arrows are aligned, whether in the forward or reverse direction. However, sometimes the direction of the arrows changes only partially, creating an imbalance.

In another case not discussed in this paper, the 3-layer cycle works when each layer is autonomous, but it can also be destroyed when, for example, two layers are fused.

Our idea is to use a “fairness evaluation” method to counter the degradation of these layer cycles. With this method, we would like to seek a mechanism that maintains an autonomous division of power despite the structure having no king, no outside, and no meta of meta. The following article, “ Three Layer Cycle and Degradation,” will discuss this point.

Initially, this paper is based on an idea that emerged as a byproduct of our repeated discussions on the form (structure) for the division of power to prevent collusion and cronyism. This article introduces the main topic of the discussion, so please refer to the rest of the articles if you are interested.

Next Article: Appendix

Credits: Original idea by Asaki NISHIKAWA, Draft written by Toshihiro FURUYA, Drawing by Yoshimi KIKUYA, Simultaneous editing by VECTION




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